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CKD Risk Factors in Patients

There is a proved link between certain clinical conditions and risk of chronic kidney disease. 

Risk factors for chronic kidney disease are:

Cardiovascular disease:

  • Hypertension;
  • Common atherosclerosis;
  • Heart failure;

Metabolic disorders:

  • Diabetes;
  • Obesity;
  • High cholesterol;
  • Purine metabolism disorders.

Lifestyle, diet and bad habits:

  • Tobacco;
  • The use of drugs;
  • Alcohol abuse;
  • Abuse of painkillers (self-treatment);
  • Abuse of food additives;
  • Abuse of protein foods and protein depletion;
  • Work related exposure to organic solvents, salts of heavy metals and other toxins;
  • Lack of physical activity;
  • The older age groups (> 60 years);
  • Belonging to male gender;
  • Belonging to an ethnic minority;
  • Low social and educational level;
  • Genetics and Developmental Disorders;
  • Diseases of the kidney, cardiovascular and diabetes in the family;
  • Impaired fetal development, malnutrition;
  • Aplasia, hypoplasia of the kidney.

Social indicators:

  • Low family tradition;
  • Poor social conditions;
  • Lack of infrastructure;
  • Lack of skills of proper nutrition in patients with CKD;
  • Low level of education of primary care physicians on the issue of CKD.