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Organization mission

The mission of non-profitable organization “Medical Expert Council” and its integral part Medical Private Institution of additional professional education «Nefrosovet» is quality improvement of medical services provided for nephrological patients in Russian Federation.


Non-profitable organization “Medical Expert Council” was created to initiate and solve the problems of nephrology development, to form the structured system of high-qualified nephrological service and to consolidate leading science organizations and communities and major specialists in nephrology, including chief nephrologists.

The main working directions of "Medical Expert Council" are:

  • Set up the structure of nephrological service;
  • Create consolidate information space for the service within the country;
  • Form detailed proposals and approve unified standards of treatment quality;
  • Calculate the necessary tariffs as economic basis of service development;
  • Set standards of  financial and technical support of nephrological activities;
  • Actively attract financial resources to develop the service;
  • Solve problems with human resourcing of the service (setting up, trainings and re-education, including software and information technologies allowing to build up remote in-house training  for the specialists);
  • Re-manage state Healthcare Service in tight cooperation with state government bodies and local authorities;
  • Construct state -private partnership;
  • Found and maintain continuing cooperation of private and public Healthcare organizations to exchange advanced experience in arranging of treatment process and developing of proposals in standards, methods and treatment quality check.    

Besides “Medical Expert Council” extensively works out  efficient rules and guidelines of nephrology service modernization, forms aims and goals of service development and composes development plans to reach its new quality level compared to European.

Thus, "Medical Expert Council" is a global integrator of strategic range in organizing and coordinating of activities, including scientific and methodological activity for development of nephrology service in the country.

To fulfill directly Regional programs of nephrology service development Medical Private Institution of additional professional education «Nefrosovet» was established, which is a part of  “Medical Expert Council” and investing medical organization.


Medical Private Institution of additional professional education «Nefrosovet» 

The main activity goal of Medical Private Institution of additional professional education «Nefrosovet» are supporting of medical technologies development, medical healthcare and services to the patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) by using of the up-to-date information and computer technologies, modern medical equipment and software and machine complexes.

The unit operates as a medical organization acting in the field of healthcare, prevention and population’s health care maintaining to raise the level and quality of medical care for patients.

The subject of the Unit’s activity are:

Medical activity, providing of medical care, including the services to the patients with nephrological diseases.

Implementation for treating of the patients with nephrological problems the up-to-date technologies, including computer technologies of software and information support in the medical field, what is the most important term of the modern medical unit and the entire healthcare system activities.

Assistance in providing of the medical organizations and units with high-technology medical equipment, medical devices and up-to-date computer software and information complexes, and also consumable materials.

Assistance in education of the personnel of medical organizations and units for the efficient and complex usage  of software, information and machine support of medical activities, in improving of medical staff trainings due to up-to-date samples of medical devices and resources of software and information support,  creating of  conditions to expand and develop scientific and technical progress.

Assistance in expanding of international cooperation in medicine field, improvement of medical equipment and software and information support of medical technologies.

Momentarily regional projects of nephrology services operates successfully in the following regions: Ivanovo, Kemerovo, Kirov, Kostroma, Omsk, Tumen, Voronez regions, Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district and under execution in Leningradskaya region and in many other regions, what proves their timely character and social meaning.