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Specialists of Nefrosovet perform a wide range of clinical ultrasound examinations using the Vivid I BT12 GE ultrasound system.
The system is based on the TruSkan architecture, characteristic of all GE-ultrasound systems, has a powerful PC platform with the ability to work with "raw" data and the DICOM system (distance data transfer to an Electronic Case History).

The device performs duplex scanning:

  • of brachiocephalic vessels (neck vessels);
  • of arteries and veins of upper and lower extremities;
  • abdominal ultrasonography (full);
  • ultrasound of the thyroid gland;
  • pelvic ultrasound;
  • cardiac ultrasound - Doppler echocardiography

There are plans to equip all DNH (Departments for nephrology and hemodialysis) of Nefrosovet with portable ultrasound devices in the nearest future in order to perform the required ultrasound examination of patients under treatment and take timely action to adjust the therapy. These examinations are conducted in accordance with the CMI standards (compulsory medical insurance).

The machine Vivid I BT12 combines the portability, high resolution image with technologies and features of the competent stationary systems. The machine is equipped with the full range of instruments to fulfill the examinations in the real time, as well as the technology ERIOS– which allows to expand the features of post-processing of the initial display to proceed the remeasurements  and recalculations, control delicacy, contrast ratio and dynamic range, smooth display  to get the high quality needed for precise analysis. It can be achieved by saving of the obtained data. The interface of the machine is easy-to-use intuitive interface, what allows to achieve the high rate of the efficiency by express-diagnostics.

Vivid I BT12 with the weight of only 5 kilo is the scanner of “hand-carry” class. The machine has a  large-screen 15’’ LCD (display) with high resolution for sharp image and powerful battery for 1.5 hour continuous operation and let to proceed high-quality ultrasound-diagnostics.

Vivid I BT12 possesses of 250Gb memory, such memory capacity is especially useful for recording of the intermediate data for post-processing.

OrcheoLite has following types of images display:

  • B-mode
  • M-mode
  • Colour Doppler
  • Pulse waved mode
  • Duplex and triplex mode in real time with automotive tracing and estimation of Doppler features
  • Power and Directional Power Doppler provides the best resolution with improved color sensitivity. It especially helps by the examination of deep organs and thin vessels, when special accuracy is needed.
  • High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF) allows to avoid image interference, if the examination proceeds under high-frequency.
  • Auto image optimization Autoset  lets to the user to get the optimized 2D and Doppler image just with one button without tiring manual parameters’ adjustment.

Technology iSteer – may scan the examination area under different angles what improves the visualization of tissues with similar density by examinations of musculoskeletal system, also provides the quality visualization by biopsy.

Tissue harmonic imaging is based on the technology of the second harmonic imaging and combines over penetration ability of the ultrasound beam with high resolution and good contrast ratio of the image. This technology is recommended for examination of “complex” patients.

Trapezoidal scanning allows significantly to expand the image field for more information about the examined organ.