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Laboratory Service

Laboratory research - it's a main component of the treatment process. A considerable share of all diagnostic information about the patient's organs and systems comes precisely from the laboratory.

In April 2013 the Medical and educational organization "Nephrology Expert Council" organized laboratory services to a full range of laboratory studies in patients receiving specialized medical care in the departments of nephrology and dialysis.

The tasks of laboratory services:

  • provision of medical advice - nephrologist reliable laboratory results for correct diagnosis, use appropriate therapy and monitoring of the treatment;
  • formation of the structure of laboratory services in the regions to ensure quality of laboratory testing at all levels of health care to patients on a profile "Nephrology";
  • introduction of progressive forms of work, new research methods with high analytical accuracy and diagnostic reliability;
  • improving the quality of laboratory research through the systematic implementation of internal quality control and participation in international programs of external quality assessment studies;
  • advising doctors - nephrologists in the selection of informative diagnostic laboratory tests and interpretation of the data of laboratory examination of patients;
  • The composition of laboratory services include clinical - diagnostic laboratories established by the regional branches of Medical and educational organization "Nephrology Expert Council."

The now is clear, that the modern level of medical care is impossible without well-equipped diagnostic laboratory, so the Medical and educational organization "Nephrology Expert Council" devote very serious attention to the development of laboratory services, equipping it with modern automated equipment.

Equipment of clinical diagnostic laboratories of Medical and Educational organization "Nephrology Expert Council"