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Osteoporosis identification

Ultrasound osteodensitometer «Sunlight MiniOmni™» is a non invasive ultrasound devise which measures bone sound speed in some parts of the human skeleton.

This devise is used by the specialists of Departments of Nephrology and Hemodialysis of Medical organization «Nephrology Expert council» for measurement of ultrasonic propagation velocity in bones (together with the other criteria: results of laboratory researches, X ray pictures and additional information on disease anamnesis), for osteoporosis identification and other conditions resulting in decrease of bone strength and brittleness of bones.

MiniOmni™ is a reliable accurate non invasive and safe devise for determination of cortical bone strength and osteoporosis screening by method of quantitative ultrasonic measurement.

Research with the help of “MiniOmni™” isn't connected with radiation exposure and is absolutely safe. The device allows to analyze various parts of a skeleton unlike the majority of Ultrasonic osteodensitometers.

MiniOmni™ can work with three probes for various bones analysis (radius, tibia, finger bone III, instep bone V).

The devise performance is based on patented and certified FDA (USA) Omnipath™ technology allowing to measure sound speed (SS) along a bone surface. SS value is a basis for bone strength evaluation.

MiniOmni analysis report information is provided in digital and graphic variants with possible bone fracture risk evaluation. The report contains sound velocity rate (SS), number of standard deviations from bone tissues of a healthy young man (T Index), number of standard deviations from healthy bone tissue in a certain age group (Z Index).

Т and  Z devise indexes give an additional info for bone tissues condition evaluation as they consider  both mean values and statistic distribution of sound speed across the population as referential.

During any specialized clinical research it is important to have easy-to-use additional devices and tools for effective sound speed measurement. The most important stage of preparation for sound speed measurement is a very accurate choice of measuring area location as the results of such measurement significantly depend on the type of the bone that is being measured.

For assurance of getting statistically significant final value the osteodensitometer soft ware demands at least three full cycles of measurement, these results are united with the usage of the patented formula in one final value of sound speed called “the measuring result”.

MiniOmniTM  osteodensitometer has a function of viewing the patient’s measuring results in chronological order thus ensuring a very easy-to-use evaluation method of their changing in the course of time.