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«Check in» and «check out»

The strict order of preparation for dialyses («check in»), the procedure itself and its termination («check out») is developed in each Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis of Medical organization «Nephrology Expert Council» for each patient.

The patients’ surveys are carried out by the nurses having a large practical experience and a vast  knowledge  base in dialysis procedure.

Before the dialyses treatment it is necessary to determine if the current state of a patient allows the immediate treatment. Each patient is identified by the MaXimus system with a patient card. Further on a patient is weighed, his blood pressure is taken, pulse counted after that  he fixes his current complains in a special form by answering question displayed on the terminal.

After that the MaXimus system decides if the patient is ready for the dialysis treatment and depending on the patient’s condition sends him either to the waiting room to wait for the beginning of dialysis ( the system informs the patient about his readiness for the procedure, prints out his medication chart, asks the patient to take his chart  and to take his card out of  the reader , at this time the info on the patient and his readiness for the procedure  is displayed  on Touch Screen terminal in the Dialysis Room) or sends him to the Examination Room to be examined by the specialist (the system informs the patient on the visit to the specialist and asks him to take his card out of the reader).

After the dialysis termination the patient goes through «check out» procedure.

While checking in and out a patient uses the “Self service post” form visualized on Touch Screen terminal. The form covers the whole screen and represents an interface on which the user is shown the orders he has to perform (measure weigh, measure pulse and blood pressure, put down  complains etc.). The orders are given in textual form and accompanied by voice orders of audio assistant (program synthesis of speech on the basis of the text). Instructions with pictures help a patient to navigate in the system menu. Audio assistant voices the requirements to patient’s actions and informs on the received parameters.

At patient’s request MaXimus prints out the required reports on received dialysis treatment and a medication chart report.

Observation of before dialysis and post dialyses examination procedural rules is an important criteria for an effective dialysis treatment.

The main goal of «check in» and «check out» examination is monitoring of an effectiveness of each dialysis treatment for each patient by fixation of certain parameters of patient condition before and after the treatment. The further analysis of received treatments evaluates the adequacy of dialysis dosage and advisability of future prescribed treatment. The treatment analysis makes it possible to develop further treatment tactics for each patient by responding instantly to changes in dialyses patients condition.