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24/7 IT-Support

24/7 IT-Support Hotline for Nefrosovet Users

To improve the quality of medical care provided to the patients of Nefrosovet Departments for Nephrology and Hemodialysis (hereinafter, DNHs), the reliability and faultless operation of the MaXimus information system, the company has organized a round-the-clock user support service. The service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The staff of this service are IT specialists who perform round-the-clock control over the work of the hardware-software complexes (hereinafter, HSC) of the MaXimus system in DNHs of Nefrosovet.

The main objective of the round-the-clock user support service is on-line rectifying failures of the MaXimus HSCs.

The staff of the service are involved in the following:

1.Monitoring and support of:

  • availability of the MaXimus system components;
  • server hardware operation;
  • channels of communication

2. Monitoring of the following technical parameters in Nefrosovet DNHs using components of the Process Control Center (PCC):

  • condition and operation of water treatment systems;
  • temperature and humidity;
  • metering of electricity consumption.

In the absence of a full-time IT specialist in a Nefrosovet DNH, the round-the-clock technical support staff members consult DNH staff on the work of the above listed systems. If it is impossible to solve the problem on-line, the service staff will register a request regarding the identified equipment and software issues, which are then resolved by the employees of the Nefrosovet IT department.

Phone: +7 (495) 933-7242, ext. 911
E-mail: spp@nefrosovet.ru