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Ivanovo branch

Nephrology Center in Ivanovo

On 01st October 2014 new nephrological center of Medical and educational organization “Nephrology Expert council” (Nefrosovet) has launched its operation on the basis of OBUZ “Ivanovskaya regional clinical hospital”. The main task of the center is to provide the comprehensive nephrological care to the patients of Central part of the region with the total population of 810.4 ths. persons. The center has in its operation 28 machines of “artificial kidney”, what may provide 168 patients with high-quality hemodialysis procedure. Here in the center we have also opened a nephrologist’s office for nephrological consultancy support of the patients.

Nefrosovet in cooperation with Administration  of Ivanovskaya region has been realizing the long-term investment Project of development of nephrology care service within public-private partnership.  The opening of the new nephrology and hemodialysis department in Kineshma in June 2013 presented the stage of the Project implementation. On the basis of the Department we provide nephrological consultations and procedures of kidney replacement therapy. Opening of the nephrology center in Ivanovo shows the second stage of joint Project implementation.

Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis in Kineshma

June 29, 2013 the Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis (DNH) of Medical and educational organization “Nephrology Expert council” (Nefrosovet), Ivanovo branch has started its work in Kineshma city. The main task of the department is to provide complex care to nephrology patients, timely prevention to avoid the development of chronic kidney disease, detection and treatment of patients with early-stage CKD in order to stop progression of disease, prevention care for risk patients, providing of replacement kidney therapy of CKD-5 patients, treatment of patients with acute renal failure, renal transplantation for patients with CKD-5.

The nephrologist’s office is opened in the department. To make an appointment with the nephrologist please call  +7 (4933) 402-47 or e-mail igor.lukyanov@nefrosovet.ru

Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis in Kineshma city provides the nephrological and dialysis care to the patients living in northeastern part of Ivanovo region, with population of 234.12 thousand.