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Khanty-Mansiisk branch

DNH in Nephteyugansk

On 10th March, 2014 new department of nephrology and hemodialysis has started its operation in Nephteyugansk city, the Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district.

The main task of the department of nephrology and hemodialysis in Nephteyugansk is to provide comprehensive nephrology care to the residents of South part of the autonomous district (Nephteyugansk region, Nephteyugansk city, Pyt-Yakh city) with total population more than 211.3 thousand persons in compliance with European standards both for quality and accessibility.

The new department in Nephteyugansk is designed for 12 "artificial kidney" machines, what allows to provide high-quality hemodialysis procedure to 72 patients. Momentarily 55 patients are under program dialysis treatment.