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Tyva branch

On 31th August, 2016 the ceremonial opening of the Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis (DNH) of Nefrosovet was celebrated in Kyzyl on the base of State Financed Health Institution «Republic hospital №1».

On 01st September 2016 new DNH of Nefrosovet received its first patients. The new department in Kyzyl is designed for 27 "artificial kidney" machines, what may provide the possibility of high-quality hemodialysis for 162 patients. New DNH in Kyzyl can provide consultative and inpatient nephrology care (9 beds), it includes a clinical and diagnostic laboratory. The main task of the new center is to provide the comprehensive nephrology care to the patients of Tyva Region with the total population more than 315.0 thousand persons.

The ceremonial opening of the center was attended by: Head of Tuva Republic Karaol Sholban, Minister of Health of Tuva Republic Orpan Gongak, representatives of Nefrosovet, regional and district media.

The main task of the development of nephrology services in the region is expand the labor pool by long life of the patients before the dialysis stages of chronic kidney disease, reduce the need of expensive renal replacement therapy, reduce the costs for cardiovascular complications, increase the lifetime and birthrate, and health promotion.

The practice of collaboration of Tyva Region Goverment with management of the Nefrosovet to modernization of nephrological service in the region confirmed the viability and success of public-private partnership in the health care. Thus, the joint efforts of state and non-profit organizations provide a good basis for the development of health care of area at the most modern level.