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Krasnoyarsk branch

Medical center in Krasnoyarsk

On September 3, 2019, the new Healthcare Center of the Nefrosovet-Yaroslavl Healthcare Private Institution welcomed its first patients (the Center located in Krasnoyarsk was built within the framework of an investment project of Nefrosovet-RuMed group of companies).

It is designed to house 19 artificial kidney apparatuses which makes it possible to perform  high quality hemodialysis procedure for 114 patients. The treatment given at the new department is managed by MaXimus, an automated information-analytical system. In addition to the hemodialysis service, the new Healthcare Centre will give its patients an opportunity to consult highly specialized physicians, perform functional diagnostics or ultrasound scans free of charge.

Apart from a high-quality fit-out and modern equipment, the new Hemodialysis Centre uses telemedicine technologies which makes it possible for patients not only to monitor the entire treatment process (each of them has an electronic clinical record), but also to get distance consultations from leading Moscow experts in such fields as nephrology, endocrinology, cardiology, etc.