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Smolensk branch

Medical Center in Smolensk

On April 08, 2019, the new medical center of the Nefrosovet in Smolensk welcomed its first patients. The center is designed to house 17 “artificial kidney” machines, thereby making it possible to provide high-quality hemodialysis procedures for 102 patients.

The center will also house a nephrologist office, a day nephrology hospital, an ultrasound and functional diagnostics office, as well as offices of other medical specialists.

The patients really liked the new medical center. They were particularly impressed by the work of the modern information-analytical system MaXimus, which allows not only to manage clinics and monitor the entire process of patient treatment, but also to use telemedical technologies to remotely conduct the consultations of patients by leading experts from Moscow and the Russian Federation.

The opening of the new center will make this type of assistance readily available to residents of the region.