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Tyumen branch

Nephrology Center in Tyumen

On 20th October 2014 first patients have visited new nephrology center of Medical  and educational organization “Nephrology Expert Council” (Nefrosovet) in Tyumen opened on the basis  of  SFHI “Regional clinical hospital No1” (addressed at Tyumen, Yuri Semovskikh str., 10). The main task of the new center is to provide the comprehensive nephrological care to the patients of the western part of the region with population of 914.65 thousand persons. The center is equipped with 21 “artificial kidney” machines, what allows high quality hemodialysis procedure for 126 patients. In the center we also provide nephrology consultations to patients, and in-suite department for nephrological care.

Expected social and economic effect of the implementation of the nephrology care development Project are: reach  the 11%  rate of the total region population provided with nephrology care, as well as treatment of the patients with terminal stage of CKD make not less than 700 patients to 1 million of population what complies with the standards of European developed economies; expand the labor pool by long life of the patients on the dialysis stage of CKF, reduce  the need of expensive kidney replacement therapy, reduce the costs for cardiovascular complications (admission, pharmacological support), increase of longevity and birthrate, health promotion.

Nephrology Center in Tyumen

Nephrology Center at Tyumen regional clinical hospital (addressed at Tyumen, Kotovskogo street, 55, buold. 2, floor 2) is a leading center in the South of the Tyumen region which provides twenty four hour medical support for patients with acute poisoning, acute and chronic renal failure.

In 2006 the Center was fully reequipped with the new, most modern dialysis equipment. More than 170 patients with a terminal stage of chronic renal failure receive medical treatment on an ongoing basis.

The Department was reorganized into the Nephrology Center of Medical Organization “Nephrology Expert Council” (Nefrosovet) in 2012. It participates in the public-private partnership program. Nephrology Center has 23 employees who specialize in leading dialyses and nephrological centers of our country on a regular basis. Four nephrologists have highest qualification category, two have a degree of Candidate of medical Sciences. Nephrology Center is equipped with APC "Artis-MaXimus" which makes it possible to improve patients’ treatment quality several times.

DNH in Ishim

Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis (DNH) located on the base of "SBIH Regional Hospital № 4" in Ishim . This was made possible thanks to the cooperation between Nefrosovet and the city administration in framework of private-goverment partnership.

The main task of the DNH is to provide complex care to nephrology patients, timely prevention of the population in order to prevent the development of chronic kidney disease, detection and treatment of patients with early - stage CKD in order to stop progression of the disease, the prevention the group of risk patients , providing  therapy in patients with renal HBP5 , treatment patients with acute renal failure, renal transplantation for patients with HBP5.
The coordination of the DNH work will be carried out by specialists from the Tyumen branch of Nefrosovet, which is already more than one year successfully working in the region.

The new DNH equipped the 10 modern hemodialysis systems Artis-MaXimus (with the possibility for extension to 11) and can be treated up to 66 patients. The newest equipment and the latest developments in the field of analytics and structuring of data on the dynamics of patient management (software complex "MaXimus") , innovative system " check -in» and « check -out» controlling the patient's condition before and after the hemodialysis, each seat is equipped with a dialysis card readers and barkoders necessary to read the information and enter it to the «MaXimus» system, modern 5-step water clean system - all these are successfully implemented in the DNH.


DNH in Tobolsk

On July 01, 2015, the Department for Nephrology and Hemodialysis of Nefrosovet in Tobolsk based on SBHI TR “Regional Clinical Hospital #3” received its first patients. The main objective of the new Department is to provide comprehensive nephrology care for patients of the northern part of the region (the city of Tobolsk and Tobolsk, Vagay and Uvat districts) with a population of over 170,000 people. The center is designed to contain 13 “artificial kidney" apparatuses (hereinafter, AK), which makes it possible to perform high-quality hemodialysis for 78 patients. As of now, 38 patients are undergoing long-term hemodialysis in the Department. On the basis of the Center, a nephrologist consulting room and a nephrology day inpatient facility are to be opened.

Opening of the new Department for Nephrology and Dialysis of Nefrosovet in Tobolsk is the next stage of the project. As part of the public-private partnership, the government of the Tyumen region provided Nefrosovet with the premises of ​​630 square meters, and the investor performed full repairs of the premises and equipped it with modern high-quality equipment.