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New solutions presented at ERA-EDTA 2017 in Madrid: the MaXimus health-care management system

The 54th ERA-EDTA Congress was held in June 3-6, 2017, in Madrid, Spain. Over 8000 nephrologists and other specialists associated with this field of medicine took part in the Congress.

Nefrosovet hosted a booth featuring MaXimus – a ‘smart’ system for managing the treatment, diagnosis, and business processes of medical corporations. It is a cloud-based information system intended for effective management in health care.

For the fifth time in a row, MaXimus was presented at the annual ERA-EDTA Congress (2013 – Istanbul, 2014 – Amsterdam, 2015 – London, 2016 – Vienna). The MaXimus booth is getting more and more attention each year.

Five years ago, Congress participants were curious about the system, and then they showed a genuine interest and appreciation. But this time, participants were interested in purchasing the system as well as cooperating with the system’s developer, Diacare Soft, and main business partner, Nefrosovet, a private medical institution of advanced professional education that deployed the MaXimus system in more than 30 Russian clinics several years ago. The system’s broad telemedical capabilities made it possible to demonstrate this on-line at the booth in real time.

Interest in the system’s telemedical functions once again indicates a global trend towards telemedicine, and, in this context, the booth’s presentation proved that MaXimus is a state-of-art solution both in Russia and abroad.

There was also a keen interest in such options as regulation, remote control and management of diagnostic treatment processes in clinics, interaction with patients, diagnosis, development of treatment plans, and other options for analysis and decision-making.

At the Madrid Congress, the MaXimus booth was installed on the first line from the entrance beside the leading global hemodialysis companies. According to ERA-EDTA 2017 participants, MaXimus had one of the most attractive and eye-catching booths.

The developer and software recently received European Certification according to ISO standards of medicine, which helped enhance its reliability and promote cooperation with global medical society.