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A meeting was held about the transportation of patients to receive outpatient hemodialysis

On July 18, 2017, the Russian Federation Council’s Committee on Social Policy held a meeting dedicated to the issue of transporting patients to locations where they would receive outpatient hemodialysis, and, more specifically, a source of funds was determined that would pay for the transportation of those citizens who require hemodialysis. The meeting was led by Tatyana Kusayko, a committee member of the Federation Council. According to the senator, this is such a relevant and pressing issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible, and thus, it was included in the Russian president’s list of instructions.

“Patients with diseases of the urogenital system receive medical care, including hemodialysis, thanks to funds from compulsory medical insurance; however, the patient’s transportation to and from the place where renal replacement therapy takes place is not included in the tariff for medical care, and therefore it cannot be covered by compulsory medical insurance,” explained the legislator.

To carry out the instructions following the Russian president’s Direct Line live call-in show, the Ministry of Healthcare, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the Ministry of Finance, the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund and the Social Insurance Fund of Russia, together with regional leaders, were entrusted with looking over the issue regarding sources of financial support for this transportation service.

The participants at the meeting concluded that there were no gaps in federal legislation regarding the provision of medical hemodialysis service, but, in their opinion, a clause on transporting patients should be included in the regulations on the provision of nephrological aid to the adult population. The experts also drew up a number of recommendations for the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, such as the need to set up a private-public partnership to resolve this issue at the regional and municipal levels.

The following people took part in the meeting: Lyudmila Kononova, First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council’s Social Policy Committee; Vladimir Krugliy and Elena Popova, committee members of the Federation Council; Evgeny Shilov, head independent nephrologist of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation; Alexander Chemeris, Medical Director of Nefrosovet-RuMed; Roman Djaparidze, Deputy Director of Nefrosovet-RuMed; and representatives of the professional community.