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Iranian doctors appreciate at its true value MaXimus’s performance

A delegation of doctors from Iran has made an official visit to the nephrological center in the Kemerovo branch of Nefrosovet on June 25, 2019, with the aim of discussing mutual cooperation in medical assistance through hemodialysis treatment and implementation of innovative IT technologies in medicine.The guests from the far Eastern country learned how Maximus, an automated information-analytical system for managing diagnostic and treatment process, works. 

They appreciated at its true value the way medical services were managed in Nefrosovet, how the data was gathered, and a treatment regimen was tailored to the needs of each patient.

In the nephrological center, a talk with the patients has generated a great deal of interest among the guests. The experts from Iran wanted to know how MaXimus mediated between a patient and his/her doctor or nurse, how often the system was utilized during hemodialysis procedure, how informative it was for the patients, how teleconsultations with leading experts from Moscow and all across the country were conducted for them.

As a final result, the Iranian experts said they were ready to consider the possibility of purchasing the MaXimus system for their own dialysis centers.