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State-private partnership development in the social sphere discussed in Ivanovo

On June 28, 2019, the Civic Chamber of the Ivanovo Region has held a plenary meeting discussing the ways to develop a state-private partnership in the social sphere. Officials, businessmen, heads of development institutions took part in the event.

A competence center in the field of state-private partnership has been long overdue, said Anzhelika Gataullina, chairperson of the business support committee of the Civic Chamber. There is also a need to create a pool of similar partnership units, describe them in an exhaustive way, resolve HR problems in state enterprises.

The existing legal and regulatory framework requires improvement, too. We have great difficulty at present in setting up such projects, as well as in drawing up and agreeing all the necessary documents.

Only one project aimed at state-private partnership in the social sphere has met a success in the Ivanovo Region up till now. It concerns the creation of nephrology and hemodialysis regional centers of Nefrosovet where patients with renal disease could seek proper medical care. The Ivanovo Region benefits now from two centers of this kind — under the Ivanovo Regional Hospital and Kineshemskaya Central District Hospital.

Another facility is planned to be opened soon at the 4th Ivanovo Hospital. The authorities provide an accommodation for it while businessmen are buying in high-priced equipment. For its patients, treatment is free of charge on compulsory health insurance.

“This is a socially significant project. It will take long to pay its way but the centers we open will eventually, in a number of years, make a profit. However, these are neither malls, nor banks. This kind of market niche requires a longer time frame to return on investments,” said Roman Dzhaparidze, deputy director at the Nefrosovet-RuMed group of companies.

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