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The new Nephrology and Hemodialysis department of Nefrosovet holds an open day in Kemerovo

An open day has been held on June 30, 2019, in the Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis (DNH), the Kemerovo branch of Nefrosovet, located at 2 Goncharnaya Street, Kemerovo.

Ekaterina Zyablitseva, head of DNH in the Kemerovo branch of Nefrosovet in Belovo, made a speech of welcome, unveiled the plans Nefrosovet had for spreading far and wide across the Kemerovo Region, and gave a presentation of the most advanced equipment installed in every DNH of Nefrosovet.

Then patients were shown the new department.

After a coffee break, Aleksandr Kolomitsev who heads DNH in the Kemerovo branch of Nefrosovet in Kemerovo had a talk with the patients and introduced newly arrived doctors and other medical personnel to them.

The patients of the new Kemerovo department were very pleased with the event organized by Nefrosovet.

“Concern for the health of everyone is not just words, but actions for Nefrosovet,” said Elena Osintseva, a patient of DNH in the Kemerovo branch of Nefrosovet in Kemerovo. “Such a meeting makes you feel with all your heart that here we have a great team of like-minded people who not only think alike, but also live and breathe it. That’s worth a lot! All of us cooperate with one another during the treatment which means together is the only way we can solve whatever problems arise. Thank you very much for the tour, it was great!”