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Members of Nefrosovet visit the Renal Care KOL Symposium in Istanbul

The 13th ECEMEA Renal Care KOL Symposium, a global nephrological event, has been held in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, on June 21–22, 2019, attended by the following members of Nefrosovet: deputy medical director at Nefrosovet Yan Proletov; heads of NH departments of the Kemerovo branch Elena Solovyova (Novokuznetsk), Anastasiya Ermakova (Prokopevsk), Ekaterina Zyablitseva (Belovo); head of DNH of the Tyumen branch Anastasiya Frolova (Tyumen).

During the event, leading global experts in the field of nephrology and hemodialysis such as Claudio Ronco, Chris McIntyre, Andrew Davenport and others gave their reports on current trends in renal care development.

Particular attention was paid to the issues of IT usage, peritoneal dialysis development, new generation of dialysis membranes, methods of hemodynamic monitoring during hemodialysis.

NH departments have plans to implement in their daily practice the Hemocontrol analyzer integrated into Gambro Artis machines.

This innovation allows to make an online estimate of changes in blood volume and monitor the course of any further procedures, in particular, assessing patients’ physiological state. As a result, the needs of each and every patient are met during the prescribed procedure in order to gain a better control over their blood pressure.