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What is the “clinic of the future” and what are its advantages nowadays for Kostroma citizens

Dear Colleagues!

“Nephrosovet-RuMed” clinic addressed to Kostroma, Sutyrina street, 23, carries out the primary medical assistance to the adults of Kostroma, on the basis of district principles within the territorial program of Complete Medical Insurance (further – CMI) of the Kostroma Region. The clinic is equipped with the new medical devices and information-analytical system MaXimus.

To provide the medical assistance to our patients we also apply the new telemedical technologies, through the call-center our specialty physicians can be advised in the online mode. The medical treatment of our patients is carried out strictly in compliance with the medical assistance standards and national recommendations.

Every patient can easily make an appointment with the doctor through a personal online profile, which may be found under the link: https://clinic.nefrosovet.ru

Kindly propose you to watch the video of the telecommunication company GTRK Kostroma about the  Nefrosovet clinic operation and its advantages for citizens of Kostroma.